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1000lt Rain harvest 0.55kw slim tank unit

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Rain capture .55 kw jts 1000lt Vertical slimline stationary unit
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1000lt Rain harvest 0.55kw slim tank unit Specifications:

  • 1000Lt slim tank
  • 0.55Kw JTS pump: H: 22M - Q2.1m3/h - H. Max 34m
  • Installed 5m electrical cord & 3pin plug
  • Flow switch (Switch on automatic when you open the hose nozzle / tap & switch off pump automatically when tank is empty)
  • Pipe set (to connect pump to tank)
  • Outlet connection = Gardenia quick couple fitting / 20-25mm normal hose fitting 


Rainwater Harvesting Benefits:

  • Free & Unlimited water supply ( when it rains)
  • Store Rainwater 
  • Water suitable for irrigation, washing, topping up of the pool etc.
  • If used for consumption, additional filtration is required.


Optional Extra available for 1000lt Rain harvest 0.55kw slim tank unit:

    • Upgrade to I-prezz variable speed drive pump or Monoblock pump
    • Quick release fittings for easy disconnect of pump to tank
    • Adjustable pressure switch
    • Outlet pipe 15mm /20mm or 25mm (as per customer requirement)
    • Nozzles for outlet pipe
    •  Canvas Pump Cover

If you would like a custom rain harvestng or water storage solutions, get in touch with us and we can assist you with your needs and specifications.

1000lt Rain harvest 0.55kw slim tank unit

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