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B-grade 1000l Flowbin™ tank (B70) Chemical grade

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Flowbin B70
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B-grade 1000 litre Flowbin™  - Chemical grade - (Not Cleaned)

  • 1000Lt square plastic container (HDPE plastic)
  • Mostly on wood pallet but can be on steel / steel-plastic / plastic pallet
  • 160mm Lid on top (filling lid)
  • 50mm Outlet tap at the bottom with endcap (no guarantee of it working)
  • Colors – white / natural / black
  • Mostly with unknown previous content glue / tar / ink / resin – not cleaned
  • Uses – building rubble / sewage / oil recycling / construction site rubbish bins.
** These drums are only available for purchase from our factory by customer selection

B-grade 1000l Flowbin™ tank (B70) Chemical grade

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