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1000l Pressure Washer trailer 241bar diesel horizontal unbraked

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Pressure washer 241bar 10hp diesel, 1000lt horizontal single axle, unbraked trailer unit


Unit Specifications:
* 1000Lt Horizontal tank
* 241 Bar Flowbins shaft driven piston pump
* Auto feedback valve to set unit between 0 to 241 bar and ensure continues usage
* 13HP Flowbins diesel driven motor / engine
* 10m Hydraulic 480bar outlet hose with quick connectors
* 2 handed high pressure lance with quick connector
* 4x Gun Tips quick connect (from 0deg to 45deg)
* Inline filter
* All items installed on Steel Base Frame with handles

Trailer Specifications:
* Heavy duty
* 2-ton coupler
* Unbraked axle
* 14" commercial wheels
* Jockey wheel

Optional Extras:
* Additional 10m Hydraulic hoses with quick connector
* Additional gun and outlet
* Foamer Attachment for soaps
* Spare wheel bracket
* Spare wheel 14''
* Spare wheel canvas cover
* 21-day relocation permit

1000l Pressure Washer trailer 241bar diesel horizontal unbraked

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