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Aquaponics basic DIY starter kit

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Aquaponics basic DIY starter kit


Basic Aquaponics DIY starter kit consists of

  • 800Lt fish tank (from recon food A-Grade Flowbin™)
  • 200Lt grow bed (from recon food A-Grade Flowbin™)
  • Draining syphon (for timer system)
  • Water pump, piping & fittings
  • Timer
  • Air pump, piping & air stones
  • Easy to set up manual within 10min

Optional Extra available for Aquaponics basic DIY starter kit:

  • Fish solids filter
  • Upgrade pressure pump
  • Upgrade to new food grade Flowbin™ at R3010 ex vat per unit extra.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a sustainable farming method that combines aquaculture (the cultivation of aquatic organisms like fish) with hydroponics (the growing of plants in nutrient-rich water without soil). This combination creates biological processes that occur in both systems to create a closed-loop environment where fish and plants thrive together.

Aquaponics basic DIY starter kit

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