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80lpm 12v (Flowbin)

SKU : db80fb600hor-1a0b

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80l/m 600lt horizontal, single axle unbraked unit (12v FB pump, 15min duty cycle)


600lt Diesel Bowser 12V 80L/min unbraked trailer

Dimensions (mm): 2320L x 1570W x 1590H
Empty weight:
SKU: db80fb600hor-1a0b

* 600Lt Horizontal tank
* 12V Pump- 80 Lt/p/min, 350w, 2.9Bar, 15min duty cycle
* Flow Meter (1% accuracy)
* Inline filter
* 4m black rubber diesel hose
* Touch aluminum diesel nozzle
* Fire extinguisher 2.5 Kg
* Fire extinguisher heavy duty steel bracket
* Warning Plate
* All fittings & pipework installed

Trailer Specifications:

* Heavy duty
* 750kg coupler
* Unbraked axle
* 13" commercial wheels
* Leg stand

Optional Extras:

* Water trap / separator filter
* Touch aluminum diesel nozzle
* Flow Meter (1% accuracy)
* Auto stop nozzle
* Nozzle holder
* Canvas pump cover
* Canvas unit cover
* Lid lock
* Extension cable
* Spare wheel bracket
* Spare wheel 13''
* spare wheel canvas cover
*21-day relocation permit

80lpm 12v (Flowbin)

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